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#FREETHEBID/Minority ~ Live Action

Lisa Linke  – (Spears & Arrows) *auto, running footage & stills

Sasha Levinson – (Spears & Arrows) *authentic, heartfelt performances, visual/emotional storytelling

Carrie Stett – ( Accomplice) *director/writer, heartfelt, authentic storytelling that evokes emotion

Lesley Chillcott – (Bodega) *award winning documentarian

Ashley Avis – (Bodega) *documentary style, emotional storytelling, women, children, cinematic film and lensing

Debra Granik – (Bodega) *deep, real and raw emotional storytelling, documentary style, beautiful film

Jihye Ku – (Washington Square) *culturally diverse, cutting-edge visuals, technical skill, sports

Alison Klayman – (Washington Square) *award winning documentary director, White Hot & Jagged on Netflix and more

Lana Wilson – (Washington Square) *emmy winning documentary director, Taylor Swift Miss Americana

Merete Mueller – (Yonder) *authentic, connective, real people and brand storytelling, beautiful film

Gabrielle Paciorek – (Yonder) *vfx and live action, stylized design, exquisite beverage/product work

Rodrigo Garcia Saiz – (Central Films) *emotional storytelling, performances, dialogue *BIPOC

César Velasco – (Yonder) *authentic visual story, unique camera transitions/techniques, vibrant film, bi-lingual, Hispanic expertise *BIPOC

Andrew Rhee – (Yonder) *emotional storytelling, dreamy visual quality, diverse casting, real life feel *BIPOC

#FREETHEBID/Minority ~ Editorial

Deirdre Bell – *lifestyle, fashion, healthcare

Amanda Moreau – *lifestyle, beauty, comedy, documentary

Ally Gondeck – *visuals weaving stories thru kinetic, expressive rhythm

Kallie Billadeau – *fashion, documentary, feminine, impact storytelling

Zoe Mountain – *visually dynamic, music-driven, energetic pacing

Jai Shukla – *dynamic editing style, cars, visual storytelling *BIPOC

Brandon Porter – *emmy-nominated, sports, automotive, storytelling *BIPOC

Raj Ramnauth – *visceral, conceptual, visually compelling *BIPOC

Women/Minority Owned ~ Production Partners

Bodega – Woman owned and operated, WBNEC Certified

Le Film Shop – Woman Owned, Production Partner for Spears & Arrows, founded by Rostered Director Sasha Levinson

Central Films – Minority owned, Offices in Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay


Jen Giles
Email: [email protected]
Phone/Text: 773.822.9652

Char Sansone
Production Consultant
Email: [email protected]